A collaboration between a baker and a businessman, one with a great product the other with a massive vision. Together creating opportunities and changing lives.

The concept is very simple and offers different ways in which someone could be involved.  There is opportunity for entrepreneurs to become Mama Mimi's Bakers in their respective neighbourhoods, and there is also a need for agents to service those bakeries in terms of the supply of Mama Mimi's bread mix on a regular basis.  In addition, corporate companies can support the development of neighbourhood bakeries through various means. We have spent approximately a year perfecting every component and aspect of the concept to ensure its success for all stakeholders.

Background: A great deal of time was invested in developing the perfect oven and bread mix solution and consideration had to be given to not only factors such as: even heat distribution, and heat retention but also a design which could work in a variety of different spaces and situations.

The heat source can currently be provided by wood and a gas version is under way.

Of crucial importance to the success of Mama Mimi's was that the Bakers needed to run their business on a long term sustainable basis. At face value this may not seem such a big challenge. It needs to be remembered that illiteracy is still very high and concepts like basic cash flow can be very foreign. Add to this the common practice of living from hand to mouth; we knew our greatest challenge would be to ensure that the baker keeps sufficient money from their daily sales to purchase their next bag of Mama Mimi's bread mix. Included in the Mama Mimi's business is a basic guide to achieving these disciplines. In addition to this, Mama Mimi's distributors act as important business mentors to the bakers. The more successful the baker is, the more successful the distributor is. This has been compiled by various role-players with many years' experience in assisting and developing small businesses in Africa.


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