Companies play a pivotal role in today's society. Most companies have corporate social responsibility programs or at least charity organizations which they support. Mama Mimi's social responsibility is inherent in the business model and is focused on providing opportunity, empowerment and delivering solutions which ultimately result in building a more entrepreneurial South Africa. It is only through supporting efforts which contribute to job creation that we will start addressing the fundamental issues facing South Africa. Challenges such as poverty, lack of education, unemployment and crime urgently need to be overcome.

Get involved by sponsoring a bread making businesses (R25000.00) for pre-qualified bakers or choose to change the lives of people within your own organisation. Your investment will change the lives of a whole family by making it affordable for them to start their own sustainable business. Alternatively, fund a Mama Mimi’s Cell of 20 bakeries and create 41 sustainable jobs. See Mama Mimi’s Cell tab.

We have all heard the story of teaching a man to fish instead of giving him one, well this is it.


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