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Millions of Rands leave poor communities each day because they are buying bread that has been baked elsewhere. Mama Mimi's is targeting the problem on a micro scale. What if one woman could bake and sell 25 loaves of bread a day from her home? She can still be a mother, a wife and a bread winner, and keep the money in the community.

Millions of potentially good hard-working women living in the townships just can't find a good job. Some lucky ones do have a job but after taxi fares and long hours, they barely bring home enough money to scrape by. Due to the lack of resources for this large portion of our population the cycle of poverty, lack of education and crime gets passed from one generation to the next.

Governments around the world have long known that the solution to this problem is the creation of more jobs, but this is easier said than done and in the absence of a solution, huge sums of money being ploughed into trying to improve the lifestyle of this segment. Unfortunately, while subsidy's, grants etc. are usually well intentioned they are often not sustainable and very seldom does the funding bring about real long-term change for the people it was intended for. Sometimes even creating additional problems and a mindset of expectancy.

Most families eat two loaves per day, this means a baker would only need about 12 families as customers. What if she could make R5 per loaf of bread she sold per day? Now let’s add to that, muffins, cupcakes, snowballs, pizza and various other baked goods. Long term sustainable change would be brought about in her life and that of her family if she was working from home generating a profit of between R2000 and R7000? What impact would her profits have on the rest of the community where she lives and spends her money. The knock-on effects would be enormous.

Going back to basics, making and selling high demand products through a simple franchise type model, Mama Mimi’s is driving change in a group of people that may never find a job and the prospects of a conventional business may be too restrictive. Help us make this happen.

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