A Mama Mimi’s Cell: R650 000.00 (includes travel costs within SA)

To understand the Cellular Model lets first explain the Basic Model. A baker and an assistant having received thorough training in both her business management and baking skills sell baked products to her community. Her monthly profits will depend on how many hours she invests per day. On average bakers earn between R2000 and R5000 per month. They are independent and will need to source their own flour and arrange their own bulk sales to schools and businesses etc. See the Basic Business tab to see what all comes with this business.

A Mama Mimi’s Cell incorporates 20 bakeries into a specific area. They have a dedicated Baker Support Manager (BSM) that acts as both mentor and bulk salesman. He has a branded vehicle and delivers flour, various premixes and other products to the bakers. He also manages quality and output of the bakers. In this model, the baker needs to bake at least 25 loaves of bread per day or she runs the risk of losing the business and it then being passed on to another more suitable baker. A non-performing Baker is denying another baker an income.

Bakers pay R400 per month to be part of the cell “franchise” This money pays the salary of the BSM and maintains his vehicles running costs. The R400 monthly payment eliminates bakers wanting a freebie and means they have to be taking the business seriously.

Each bakery in a cell is provided with the same equipment as in the basic model. In addition, a Cell includes a highly trained BSM, a branded vehicle and a Large electric bread slicer. This model can be placed into any poor community in South Africa. We take care of all the baker selection, site inspection etc. a Mama Mimi’s Cell is self-sustaining and once established requires very little additional management and certainly no additional funding. Download our slide show further explaining the Cellular Model.


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